Ganga Hospital has been recognised nationally and internationally for it's work in plastic surgery, orthopaedics and trauma. We always believe that we have to offer the best that the patient deserves. Ganga Hospital has expanded its service to cancer treatment. We are particularly known for Breast cancer surgery, Head and Neck cancer surgery, Soft tissue tumours and Complex bone tumours. Our expertise in these problems would help treat larger tumours, hasten the rehabilitation with better reconstruction, and help deliver better results with lesser morbidity to the patients. This work can not happen without good cancer support, and we are happy to have a good cancer team in Dr Sunil Kumar (Surgical oncologist), Dr Raja Shanmuga Krishnan (Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon), Dr Raja Bhaskar Kanakeshwar (Extremity Cancer Surgeon), Dr Krupa Shankar (Medical oncologist) and Dr Sashiranjini (Paediatric medical oncologist). We have a well-trained team of nurses and pharmacists to administer chemotherapy. We have a good daycare facility to administer chemotherapy. In anything that we do at Ganga Hospital, we aim to do the best for our patients. That is how we have come this far. If you have any doubts, please call or Whatsapp us at +919952617171.

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