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The unit is very popular for its academic excellence and is a sought after center for training in orthopaedics and its sub-specialities. Teaching and training young surgeons has been a tradition of the unit. The academic activities are supervised and guided by Dr S Rajasekaran. Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty and Dr Venkatadass are the course co-ordinators for the academic training program. More than 200 orthopaedic surgeons have been trained from the institution so far. The unit is also supported by an excellent state of the art 24 hours open library that provides an excellent ambience for studying, infrastructure for presentations, and a wide range of books to read. Immense contributions of books from Prof TK Shanmugasundaram, Chennai, Prof Chitranjan Ranawat, in addition to basic and advanced books on orthopaedics provide the students an excellent opportunity to learn. The students also have access to more than 10 online orthopaedic journals for constantly updating the changes in the field of orthopaedics.

We need to innovate and find specific solutions for our patients. To find appropriate medicine and solutions for our country, research is very important. Ganga is the first one to start research and molecular biology lab. We have published more than 500 research articles in international journals and over 500 chapters in textbooks. We feel a strong academic background helps us achieve higher levels of patient care.

Dr (Prof.) S Rajasekaran

Clinical Director