The Department of Anaesthesia offers complete Perioperative care for every surgical patient. This includes appropriate Pre Anaesthesia Evaluation, Intraoperative Care with the state of the art monitoring and a very comfortable postoperative care with emphasis on Pain relief, Early Mobilisation and Rehabilitation. Anaesthesiologists are available round the clock and look after the wards, High Dependency Unit, Postoperative Wards and Intensive Care Unit.

Trauma Resuscitation and Optimisation is spearheaded by the Anaesthesia team. Pain relief on Arrival is an unique concept evolved and practised here. We use Ultrasound Guided Nerve blocks called Regional Analgesia to provide instant pain relief to an injured patient. All the patients undergoing surgery receive Multimodal Analgesia and an Ultrasound guided selective nerve block. This helps to considerably decrease the pain and facilitates early return to normalcy.

The 36 Operation theatres are equipped with the state of the art Anaesthesia Workstations, Multiparameter monitors, Infusion pumps for Total Intravenous Anaesthesia, Online fluid warmers, Body Warmers, Rapid blood transfusion systems, Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring, specialised monitoring of the functions of the spinal cord when needed.

Blood conservation strategies are implemented and protocols are followed to minimise blood loss during surgery. The availability of an inhouse Regional Blood bank with the facility to get blood and blood component therapy at any time gives us the opportunity to do major surgical interventions and adequately resuscitate patients with major injuries. The rapid blood transport system facilitates the arrival of blood from the Blood bank to the operation theatre in split seconds.

The availability of Fibreoptic Brochoscope, Video Laryngoscope and Airway gadgets aids us in doing complex cases with upper airway challenges.

The 24 hour laboratory services, inhouse pharmacy and clinical pharmacist, an excellent physiotherapy department, dietetics department aids us to deliver a holistic care in the perioperative period.

Deep venous thrombosis in the postoperative period is prevented by both mechano prophylaxis with the help of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression device and chemoprophylaxis.

The department is a Postgraduate Institute and also offers Superspeciality training in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia.

Best global practises are incorporated to make every anaesthetic procedure safe and every patient comfortable during and after surgery.

The Various Anaesthesia Techniques Performed 2016 - 2020
Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 (upto march)
Spinal Anaesthesia 3216 4600 4546 4388 1482
Spinal and epidural 4137 3588 3748 4093 1578
General Anesthesia 936 3337 3412 3385 1149
Regional Blocks 4811 6049 6251 6982 2926
Others 2229 191 227 324 132
Total 17,329 17,765 18,184 19,172 7,267


doctor image

Dr C. Sekar

Head- Department of Anaesthesia

doctor image

Dr J. Balavenkatasubramanian

Senior Consultant & Academic Director

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Dr G. Venkateswaran

Senior Consultant

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Dr V. Boopathi


Department of Anaesthesia

Dr C Sekar MD

Head, Department of Anaesthesia

Dr J Balavenkatasubramanian MD, DA

Senior Consultant & Academic Director


Dr. G. Venkateswaran
Dr. N. Vivek Anand
Dr. V. Boopathi
Dr. Maheswari S. Kumar
Dr. P. Gurumoorthi

Junior Consultants

Dr. V. Satheesh Kumar
Dr. D. Santhosh Kumar
Dr. T. Arun Prakash
Dr. V. P. Sivasubramani
Dr. Kartik B. Sonawane
Dr. Vipin Kumar Goel
Dr. B. Senthilkumar
Dr. Madhanmohan C
Dr. Sathish R
Dr. Tuhin Mistry


Dr. Preethi D
Dr. Vinothkumar S P
Dr. Ranjith Raghavan Thampi
Dr. Kritipuri

DNB Postgraduates

Dr. Abna Dr. Shirisha Kumari Jinka
Dr. Thasleena Dr. Saranya Raj
Dr. Saranya Dr. Nimisha Mary Jose
Dr. Monisha Dr. Dhanya
Dr. Basil George Dr. Femitha
Dr. Sandeep Dr. Paridhi Jain
Dr. Bhargav Vishnu Dr. Kaviya
Dr. Soundarya Dr. Sowmya
Dr. Vanitha Dr. Preethi Rajsri
Dr. Sanjayan Dr. Sania Varghese

Fellowship Candidates 2021

Dr. Vinita Keshri Dr. Mayank Haresh
Dr. Deepika Mudgal Dr. Harshraj Deorao Bhendale
Dr. Devendra Anandrao Lokhande Dr. Varunkumar
Dr. Ila Narendradev Sharma Dr. Apurva Raghuwanshi
Dr. Amrutha Liz Paul Dr. Anushri K.
Dr. Aswani Dr. Bhagyashri Soor
Dr. Chaitali S Patil Dr. Dharmapuri Sai Srivas
Dr. Jancy Joseph Dr. Krupa Kalaria
Dr. Kenchanagoudara Rohinia Dr. Miral Ghelani
Dr. Monal Shah Dr. Noopur Prakash
Dr. Pratibha Nagpure Dr. Periyasamy S
Dr. Pranoti Vaidya Dr. Riya Sarah Abraham
Dr. Rinku Prajapati Dr. Reeti Ranikesh
Dr. Sharmila R Dr. Shekhar A Khandare
Dr. Sowbarnika K Dr. Shruti Raja
Dr. Vedhika Shanker Dr. Shikha Malhotra
Dr. Akshay Rahurkar Dr. Aiswharya Bhat
Dr. Aditi Abhijit Joshi Dr. Santhisree
Dr. Shilpa Kamalakar



6th Meeting of South Asian Confederation of Anesthesiologist, Feb 05, Colombo, Srilanka

Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian

APGAP Postgraduate CME Lecture, Kasthuriba Medical College, Oct 05, Manipal

Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Conference, Jul 04, Trichy

Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian



1. Fellowship in Regional Anaesthesia

The Fellowship Entrance Test for the 2022 fellowship positions for both Postdoctoral Fellowship and Regional Anaesthesia will be held on November 14th 2021 (Sunday). This will be an Online Exam.

2. Regional Anaesthesia and Trauma Critical Care Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Entrance Test for the 2022 fellowship positions for Regional Anaesthesia and Trauma Critical Care Program will be held on November 14th 2021 (Sunday). This will be an Online Exam.

4. WFSA International Fellowships
Memorandum of Understanding between The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists ("WFSA") The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists ("ISA") and Ganga Medical Centre & Hospital ("Ganga Hospital").

Due to COVID 19 Pandemic WFSA Fellowships are temporarily suspended.

Note :
  1. The Online Exam fees is  ₹ 1000 /-  Pay
  2. Candidate should pay before 30th September 2021.
  3. Only paid candidate is eligible for online Exam.
  4. Candidate will receive successful registration mail with Registration ID.
  5. You can pay using your Register ID and Registered Email.
  6. If you need further information mail to