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What is Therapeutic Mammaplasty?

Therapeutic Mammaplasty is a modification of the cosmetic breast reduction technique in which the cancer tissue and a wider rim of healthy tissue are removed to give a good shape to the breast.

For whom is Therapeutic Mammaplasty done?

Therapeutic Mammaplasty is done only for those

  • Who have large breasts
  • Who can tolerate radiotherapy
  • Breast cancer is restricted to one area of the breast

  • For whom is Therapeutic Mammaplasty not done?

    Therapeutic Mammaplasty is not done for women who have

  • Small breasts
  • Large tumours
  • Breast cancer was seen in multiple areas of the breast
  • Patients who can not tolerate radiotherapy like pregnant women, connective tissue disorders or those who had radiotherapy before

  • If Therapeutic Mammaplasty can not be done what are the other options that I have if I would like to get my breast cancer excised and still have a nice breast?

    If Therapeutic Mammaplasty can not be done due to the above reasons, the breast can be removed in toto and can be reconstructed using the patients own tissues or using silicon implants.

    Do we necessarily need radiotherapy after the surgery?

    Yes. After therapeutic Mammaplasty the patient would necessarily need to under go radiotherapy.

    Is it possible for another tumour to appear in the remaining breast?

    Yes. As only a part of the breast is removed, a tumour can appear in the remaining breast. Hence we need to investigate whether there are multiple tumours in the breast before we contemplate surgery.