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Patients at Ganga will have access to some of the best diagnostic tools, cutting edge operating systems with latest implants and prosthesis to make surgery safe and effective.

Operation theatres

We have a total of 36 modular operating theatres that are humidity & Temperature controlled and equipped with latest laminar flow technology to provide a safe sterile environment required for surgery. All emergency trauma care procedures, plastic surgery procedures & pediatric orthopedic procedures are scheduled in the operation theatres in A block while elective surgeries like spine, arthroscopy & joint replacement are scheduled in B block.
The theatres are equipped with cutting edge equipment meeting up to international standards. Our hospital was the first to acquire the Airo CT navigation unit in the south east Asian region that has revolutionized spine surgery in terms of safety and accuracy.
Neurophysiological monitoring is performed while operating on complex spine deformities adding additional safety during spine surgery.
Operating microscopes enables the surgeon perform minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) with exceptional precision maximising the outcomes.
Computer navigation is utilized in complex joint replacements that allows the surgeons to obtain real-time feedback and offers the potential to decrease intra-operative errors and optimize the surgical result.
Arthroscopy unit is equipped with advanced arthroscopy hubs, latest cutting edge instruments providing best care & enhancing the outcomes of surgery.

Diagnostic tools

3T Lumina MRI platform and 1.5T Syngo MRI platforms

MRI forms an essential part of evaluation of the musculoskeletal system. Having the advantage of no radiation and the ability to clearly define the status of bone and all soft tissues, it is the first choice for complete evaluation of the spine, joints and nervous system.

The 3T Lumina platform acquired by the hospital recently is one of the latest in the world and with a special MOU with SIEMENS, Germany. IT has facilities for advanced sequences like Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, T1 rho, T2 relaxometry and UTE which are capable of not only looking at tissues with greater precision but are also capable looking at molecular variations taking radiological evaluation to the next generation of imaging. The systems are also loaded with special programs, Best examples are angiogram of the lower limbs , renal arteries without use of contrast. Its wide bore design is well accepted by the claustrophobic patients. There are plenty of advancements available with machine which adds to the safely of the patients by changing the way it scans depending on the patients biometry.

Non Contrast MR Angiogram of both Lower Limbs

Two CT scans (Seimens Emotions 6, Somatom Go Now) which are employed for the day to day evaluation of patients with polytrauma and major injuries and complex orthopaedic and spinal problems. The machines are capable of performing high quality 3D images and also angiograms to evaluate vascular integrity.

3D CT Reconstruction of Shoulder

Our radiologists and technicians are also committed to your safety and have evolved numerous clinical and radiological protocols that reduce radiation exposure to the minimum. The CT machines are also provided with the latest dose reduction softwares that ensure the maximum reduction of radiation to every patient.


Apart from routine USGs, department is well focused on joint and soft tissue ultrasound avoiding unnecessary MRI or CT scan.

12 digital high-end plain X-ray machines and mammogram

The department caters to more than 700 patients who require plain radiographs every day. As each patient may require a few to many X-ray exposures, the number of the Xray exposures per day frequently crosses 2000 per day. This requires machines which can handle this high turnover and also provide high quality digital images which are available without any delay and with high clarity. To meet this demand, the department has 12 state-of-the-art digital X-ray machines which include three ceiling mounted systems that allow special image acquisitions and stitching facility which are required for ‘Standing whole spine X-ray, whole limb alignment radiographs and specialized views of the limbs in major trauma.

Mammography is X-ray imaging of the breasts. For Futher details Click here

Interventional radiology

Various image guided procedures are performed in department for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose.

Diagnostic procedures : Image guided biopsy and needle aspirations are accurate and safe since it is performed under image guidance.

Therapeutic procedures : Therapeutic procedures give quick results and are least invasive as compared to surgery. Most patients benefit from these procedures as they obtain rapid relief of pain which help in continuing physiotherapy and to avoid oral medications.

USG guided procedure : Joint injections: these are particularity help help in age related changes in the joint and to avoid surgery as much as possible. People with Stiff shoulder have rapid and good relief by injection of medications directly into the joint. Tendon injections: Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, Achilles tendon problems, and plantar fasciitis can be effectively treated by targeted injection of the medications through ultrasound guidance.

USG Guided Hip Injection

Nerve root injections : Most accepted and well received by the patient is ultrasound guided nerve root injections in cervical disc prolapse. This might avoid surgery in many patients and give rapid pain relief.

CT guided procedures : Problem associated with backache like degenerative changes in sacroiliac joints, facet joints, pain in the tail bone regions are treated by CT guided selective joint and nerve root injections. Complex and difficult to access areas in body can be approached by CT scan guidance for biopsy and drainage procedures.

CT Guided Biopsy