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About the Department

The Department of Pharmacy at Ganga Medical Centre and Hospitals Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive service under the direction of a professionally competent, legally qualified pharmacists and supporting staffs. Services provided by the department includes purchasing, stocking and dispensing of all drug products, where prescriptions are filled for In-Patient and ambulatory patients, Narcotics drugs are stocked and dispensed strictly as per the govt norms. The clinical aspects of the drug and drug use are also taken over by the department which includes evaluation of medication use, patient education and counseling, implementing and helping the initiatives of the pharmacy and therapeutic committee, educating other health care professionals, ADR monitoring and reporting, making clinical interventions and other drug related issues.


  • To provide the benefit of qualified pharmacy services to the patients and other health care providers.
  • To provide error free dispensing through double checking and reassuring with physicians.
  • To provide up to date information on drugs/dosage forms to the patient as well as medical staffs.
  • To counsel the patient regarding the use of drugs and its administration procedure.
  • To maintain adequate stock of drugs for patients use.

  • Organization of Pharmacy

  • Block – A - Pharmacy store - S.K Pharmacy B
  • Block – A - OP-Pharmacy - S.K Pharmacy A - (24*7)
  • Block – A - IP-Pharmacy - S.K Pharmacy C
  • Block – A - Pharmacy store - 4th Floor Plastic OT- S.K Pharmacy D
  • Block – A - Pharmacy store - 5th Floor Ortho OT S.K Pharmacy E
  • Block – A - Pharmacy store - 5th Floor Trauma OT S.K Pharmacy F
  • Block – B - OP-Pharmacy - S.K Pharmacy G
  • Block – B - OP-Pharmacy - S.K Pharmacy H - (24*7)

    Currently 46 employees including pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and two clinical pharmacists render their hard work in all of the above said store and sub-stores. These trained hospital staff check, evaluate, pack the medicines with utmost proficiency. All of the sub-stores have dedicated billing section and cashiers.

    The pharmacy follows NABH criteria’s in storing, labeling and dispensing medicines with good quality indicators for look-alike-sound-alike medications and high-risk medications.

    The pharmacy also follows innovative quality tools like 5S PDCA for the efficacious arrangement of items in the pharmacy.

  • Functions and Activities

    The clinical and therapeutic aspects of pharmacy practice care in the hospital. The activities include

  • Inpatient ward rounds including ICU rounds with the physicians.
  • Auditing Inpatient prescriptions for medication errors.
  • Various clinical audits on surgical prophylaxis, antimicrobial stewardship, turn around-time audits etc.
  • Educating healthcare workers like ward nurses for reducing the medication errors.
  • Induction classes for doctors and educating them about current medication prescription practices and standards.
  • Drug information and counselling for patients.
  • Setting up standards and guidelines of pharmacotherapeutic care in the hospital including local antibiogram.
  • Chemotherapy dose calculations and admixtures.
  • The department of pharmacy organizes PTC meeting in all quarters of a financial year.
  • The department has been known for undertaking and training pharmacy students from various educational institutions in clinical and hospital pharmacy aspects since 2015.
  • The department has carried out not less than two major projects for process improvement per year since 2015.

  • Achievements

  • The department of pharmacy has been awarded highest credits in NABH audits.
  • The pharmacy has been awarded with the prestigious “BEREAU VERITAS” accreditation for a period of two years (2017 to 2019).
  • Various project and research papers in reputed journals in the fields of clinical and hospital pharmacy.
  • Presentation of research papers and audits in various national level seminars, workshops and quality care meetings like CAHOCON,QUIMPRO etc.