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    I would like to Thank Dr. S Raja Sabapathy and team. Very simple personality with having highest knowledge of medical science is very rare. So simple life style and dedication is really appreciable at this age. Sir I don't know this message will reach to you or not But you are role model for not only health care workers but any field. Thank you and god give us same patience and dedication. P.S: Not at all money minded hospital. They all are dedicated to their work and process. I would like to tell everyone to have patience with staff and coordination for best.


    World class Hospital. Top quality care. Trusted place.


    The best hospital in TN for ortho and spine...u will feel no fear.


    Really one of the best hospital and best doctors in the entire state..all are good caring in nature and good advance treatment..


    One of best hospital in country where I came from Hyderabad i had problem with my elbow, no doctor in hyderabad was ready to take up my case. after consulting so many doctors, I got suggestion to visit ganga Hospital where Dr DD sir has done a phenomenal surgery and now I am leading my normal life. I am very much thankful to Dr DD sir and team of ganga Hospital..


    Highly experienced doctors and state of the art facilities.


    Hospital has Best facilities and best treatment...and all doctors and sisters have a good behavior and take good care of patients.. I came from odisha,here treatment facilities are very Best..

  • Truly Indian

    I should thank Ganga Hospital for being kind and for charging low consultation fee. The Block B has good hygienic facilities and the doctors, nurses, people at the reception are all kind and show good hospitality. The same ACL ligament surgery which would have 2L at Other hospital in town was told to be done for 90k. I'm grateful for that.

  • Periyasamy Perumal

    Quality treatment is a method of compassionate care by competent physicians Super specialty hospital

  • Ak electronics

    Very very excellent 👍,best cooperation ,TQ's Ganga doctors and nurses, very very TQ's All'.

  • Sachin Pawar

    Best place for plastic & orthopedic surgery.

  • suman ks

    One of the best orthopedic hospital in South India.My grandfather was admitted for surgery and was treated with incredible care and skill by the nursing staff.The doctors are very friendly and take special care about patient.
    Initially I felt the charges are bit on higher side, but the service they provide is simply awesome.
    I would like to thank the entire group of doctors from the emergency department to the Surgery and all the Nurses. My grandpa is recovering now and doing well.
    Will recommend Ganga for Good quality care.Thanks Gulzar sir for reference..

  • Dr. P.PANDI

    Sincerity and Punctuality and the best treatment we get.

  • Ellie V

    Great hospital Caring place Good doctors.

  • k kalimuthu

    Very good hospital for Trauma Care Very good team Appreciate their service.

  • Shuvajit rakshit

    Extra ordinarily place for orthopedic treatment.

  • Eslam Alkaramany

    World class Orthopedic Centre.

  • Vijayabhaskar janakiraman

    Best place for all bone related problem and operations.

  • Shivaji Naikar

    It has good Doctors and SRS sir is super person And parveen Barthvaj Sir also good, very kind and respectful.

  • Rajan Menon

    For spine surgery Dr Shetty is excellent and rates are reasonable.

  • Rishab Jain

    Ganga Hospitals - talented doctors, good treatment and caring staffs
    My parents and I will always remember these days spent in the Hospital, which would have been difficult without the care and support of the Doctors and all the other staffs involved. Thank you all.

  • Lahu Sawant

    Very good hospital for Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery.

  • Seenu Vasan

    Top class hospital.

  • Dinesh kumar

    Treated my father's joint replacement to very good effect. Thanks to Dr Rajkumar and team. He is confidently walking now.

  • Dipak Agarwal

    I had undergone a spine surgery here four years back.I was very afraid during that time.
    Many people had said that it will be difficult to get back to work again in full fledge after surgery
    But ,i would like to say,today 4 years have passed and i m doing my work very properly from the past 4 years
    I m very thankful to the doctor's and their entire team there. Their charges are also very reasonable and genuine as compared to other hospitals
    And,they provide the best treatment possible
    Thank u once again,SIR.

  • Jayabalan Ranganathan

    Qualified doctors, mostly not money minded in treatment. Dr.Shaji (Neurology) in my opinion very excellent.

  • Praveen J

    Very good hospital Dr Rajasekaran is top class Very nice.

  • Vignesh Raj

    World class treatment facility

  • Elayaraja Elayaraja

    Very good hospital Thank you to Ajoy Shetty sir He really helped us with treatment Best Spine Team


    Thanks to Dr.Dheenadhayalan Sir and team. World class Treatment ,really caring Doctors and Nurses,Great place..

  • kannan k a

    Very good hospital for treatment of complicated problems.

  • girija patro

    I am anaesthetist from Orissa. Came for treatment for my son. Caring doctors. World class.

  • Sabbir Rayhan

    Very good hospital Appreciate the service Humble doctors.

  • Arora Jahan.

    Want to thank doctors for the excellent care for my friend Sabir. Good result and outcome. Very happy.

  • kanagaraj manthri

    Dr Rajasekaran and Dr Raja Sabapathy are the true pearls in the doctor community who have taken Ganga Hospital to heights in the Medical field. Our family have been patients here for many years and all have been treated very well. They have successfully saved lives of many patients. Long live Ganga.

  • JUNE D

    If you are any part of India. Ganga Hospital is the place where you need to come if you have anything related to ortho.
    My dad had two fractures. It was such a beautiful coordination between departments and doctors. You will feel at home. Was operated at peace.
    Kudos to the nursing staff with their patience and care towards the patients.
    Diet they give will rejuvenate anyone.
    This is not corporate hospital. They are really a service minded hospital. They don't rip off money from common man as few others do.
    Heart felt thanks to Ganga Hospital & team. Wish you all great success in all walks of life.