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Labiaplasty (Female Genital Rejuvenation)

  1. What is Labiaplasty?

  2. Labia Minora is the inner lip of the vaginal opening . Some patients may find their labia minora very large, physically uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure in which the labia minora are reshaped to the appropriate size to make it look better.

  3. Why do patients request labial reduction?

  4. In some patients the labia maybe too large and patients desire labial reduction because

  5. It can cause discomfort while wearing undergarments and fitted jeans
  6. Maybe difficult to maintain hygiene during menstruation
  7. May cause pain during and after intercourse
  8. The two labia maybe very different and cause embarrassment

  9. What is done during this surgery?

  10. This surgery is done under general anaesthesia as a daycase. Surgery involves careful trimming of the excess skin and suturing back with absorbable sutures. Patients can be discharged the same day or the next day.

  11. What is the normal post operative course?

  12. Patients may experience mild swelling and bruising of the area. The swelling may reduce by lying down and elevating the pelvis by placing a pillow underneath the pelvis. This swelling will reduce by 2 to 3 weeks. Ice packs over that area may give some comfort after the operation.

  13. When can the patient return to work ?

  14. Depending upon the work done, some women go back to work by 2 days and some go back to work within a week.

  15. When can the patient start having intercourse?

  16. The patient can have intercourse 6 weeks after the operation. At this time the swelling and bruising is expected to have settled.

    Facts at a glance

Surgery Time : 45 minutes to 1 hour
Hospital Stay : Daycase or 1 day
Anaesthesia : General Anaesthesia
Walking : Same day or next day
Working : 2 days to 1 week
Sports and Gym : 6 weeks
Full recovery : 6 weeks
Resume intercourse : 6 weeks