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  1. What does Gynaecomastia mean?

  2. Some men may have breasts which are larger than the size most men have and this is called as Gynaecomastia

  3. Why does it occur?

  4. The most common cause of Gynaecomastia is idiopathic (Meaning that there is no obvious reason behind this) . It can also occur due to the intake of various medications or from hormonal changes

  5. Is this condition common?

  6. Gynaecomastia is fairly common and studies have shown that it can be as high as 40% among the age group 18 -26*

  7. Why do men seek treatment for this procedure?

  8. Men find it embarresing removing their shirts during religious functions, going to the gym, swimming and changing shirts in the locker room. They also don’t like wearing tight outfits and this can prevent many men from going to the gym and participating in many outdoor activities. This can also dent their confidence.

  9. How is this procedure treated?

  10. Surgery for gynaecomastia is done under general anaesthesia. A small incision of about 5 mm is made in the chest and the excess fat in the breast is sucked out by a procedure called liposuction. Another incision is made just around the areola and the excess breast bud tissue is removed.

  11. What is the post operative course?

  12. After the surgery the patient may have swelling and bruising over the chest which will go away in six weeks.There may not be an appreciable change in the size of the breast immediately after surgery due to the swelling and the final result maybe evident only 6 weeks after surgery when the swelling subsides. Patient may have minimal pain which will be controlled by painkillers. Most patients are discharged home the next day. Men are then advised to wear a tight compression garment after surgery which will reduce the swelling faster and will give a good result.

  13. What are the complications that can happen with this procedure?

  14. Complications for this procedure are not very common. It can however be associated with

    • Haematoma

      which may settle by itself or may need evacuation

    • Seroma

      Serous fluid can get collected under the skin which can be aspirated with a needle and a syringe

    • Change in the sensations over the nipple

      There can be minimal change in the sensations of the nipple due to the surgery which will come back after a few months

    • Mild Asymmetry

      Inspite of all our efforts there may be a mild asymmetry of bothe the breasts

  15. How satisfied are patients with this procedure?

  16. Patients are usually very satisfied with this procedure because they have an appreciable change in the size of their breasts which allows them to go to gym, swimming, wear tight clothes and approach life with more confidence.

  17. Facts of Gynaecomastia surgery at a glance ( Needs confirmation with the doctor as this can vary from person to person)

  18. Type of Anaesthesia : General Anaesthesia
    Surgery Time : 2 hours
    Hospital Stay : 1 - 2 nights
    Taking bath : Next day after surgery
    Driving : 2 weeks
    Time off work : 1 week
    Full recovery : 6 weeks
    Sports and Gym : 6 weeks
    Garments : Need to wear compression garments