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International Award Year 2019

Dr. (Prof) S Rajasekaran  Dr. Ajoy Prasad Shetty 

Dr Dilip Chand Raja, Dr Vijay Anand, Dr Rishi Mugesh Kanna, Dr Raveendran Muthurajan, Dr Chitra Tangavel, Ms Sharon Nayagam, Mrs Sunmathi and Ms Steff

Outstanding Paper Award Basic Science North American Spine Society - 2019

"Ganga Hospital Spine Research Team, won the prestigious North American Spine Society Research for the year 2019. One of the most prestigious and valued award in spine surgery is the award given jointly by the North American Spine Society (NASS) and the internationally renowned The Spine Journal (TSJ) which has one of the highest impact factor for spine speciality international journals. This award is fiercely competed by researchers from all over the world and the award winning paper is published as a lead article in the journal and also invited to be presented in the Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society conducted in USA. The award carries a cash prize of USD 10,000. 2019 Award In 2019, the Ganga research team from India bagged the award for their research work entitled “Inflammaging Determines Health and Disease in Lumbar discs- Evidence from Differing Proteomic Signatures of Healthy, Aging and Degenerating Discs” which analysed at a molecular level the cause for disc degeneration which is the major reason for low back pain. The research looked at the causative factors of disc disease at cellular level and also the possibility of sub-clinical infection as a potential cause for low back pain. This was published in The Spine Journal, USA and the paper was also presented in the Annual Meeting in Chicago, 2019."