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Department of Dietary

Department of Dietary

The Ganga hospital’s department of clinical nutrition and dietetics is the best in orthopedics and trauma nutrition in our country. The department of clinical nutrition and dietetics at Ganga hospital offers customized guidelines based on dietary plan for patients provide crucial support to trauma patients by assessing, monitoring and optimizing the nutritional status of patients

Why Ganga

At Ganga our clinical nutrition team follow evidence based recommendation that are consistent with international guidelines in assessing, managing and educating trauma patients. Dietitian at Ganga hospital work closely with clinical team to provide utmost care required for traumatic, orthopedic and burns patients who require nutrition education, intervention and counselling.

Our department of nutrition and dietetics provides help to all patients referred to the dietetic clinic after being discharged from the inpatient wards. Outpatient referrals are also undertaken by our team. Our specialized dietitians work closely with our catering department for patient meal plans, based on their specific conditions. Our dietitians are specialized across a dynamic range of medical fields including , diabetes, critical care, geriatrics,orthopedics, burns and surgical conditions.

The Dietary Department serves as an integral part of patient care. The patient’s recovery is aided by a nutritionally balanced diet prepared under constant supervision and hygienic conditions to aid speedy recovery. Counseling of the patient and family is the core activity carried out which leads to better understanding of the diet plan.

Facilities and Services

Dietitian at Ganga Hospital provide precise advice on monitoring and managing adult inpatients that are on artificial nutrition support. Primary health care teams are also given advice on patients that are facing tube feeding problems. At Ganga Hospital, we understand that diet plays a huge role in improving the health of an individual no matter the condition. We provide optimal nutrition care & food services through

  • Food service management.
  • Clinical nutrition.
  • Research & Education.

Nutrition Clinics

The Speciality Nutrition Clinics at the department Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics offer customised, guideline-based diet advice for patients, after conducting a detailed assessment of the patient’s current physical/ medical condition, nutritional requirements, expected recovery time and special diet patterns that need to be followed, with a holistic approach.

Obesity Clinic

One of the biggest and the most dangerous after-effects of the modern lifestyle, obesity or excess body weight can lead to multiple health problems and irreversible complications. Our Dietitians, with the help of Endocrinologists and Gastro-enterologists, conduct a detailed study of the person’s diet habits, lifestyle, age, body mass index and create a customized diet - exercise plan that ensures optimal calorie intake and proportional calorie expenditure. They also educate patients about the need to make healthy choices and as to how to tackle the problem with utmost focus, determination and a complete reconfiguration in lifestyle.

Diabetes Clinic

Our Dietitians, based on medical inputs provided by Diabetologists and Endocrinologists, create personalized diet plans (complete with a “what to eat and what not to eat” list) that help control/maintain blood sugar levels and manage diabetes effectively.

Other clinics

Specialized Nutrition focus for orthopedics, burns and surgical patients

Preparation of Ryles Tube Feed (nutritional supplement) in Laminar Airflow Chamber under sterile condition

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