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Itaru Oda, Japan

“I will never forget you hospitality. I would like to visit this hospital in the future again.”
Dr Kuo-Yuan Huang, Taiwan

"I have learned a lot in surgical skills of spinal surgery. I appreciate very much for your teaching and entertainment. You are a very good model for me in many fields in the future such as academic, clinical performance, and daily living."
Dr Gerald Quan, Australia

"I appreciated the breadth and depth of surgical cases treated here, and was greatly impressed by the hard working, dedicated nature of all staff, led eminently and empathically by Dr.Rajasekaran."
Dr Sudhindra Rao, New Zealand

"Short but very informative visit to a great patient focused hospital. Excellent hospitality and superb food, look forward to visiting again"
Mr Matthias Broudobler, Germany

"Dear Dr.Raja and team of Ganga Hospital, third time in Coimbatore having seen the hospital in different stages in 2005, 2006 and 2007 today. The first time I came, I was stunned, the second time also and until today this has not changed and will not. And now the new Great hospital with all the super mordern equipment. All the best to all of you for now and the future. Hope to see you soon."
Dr Daryl C Teague, Australia

"I am astonished with the complexity and variety of the severe pathology and the competent and compassionate care given by Ganga Hospital to its patients"
Dr Sethu Ramanathan, OMAN

"A great pleasure to visit and give a lecture at the renowned Ganga Hospital, well known in India and in Oman.Hospital is impressive and up to my expectation."
Prof Simon P Frostick, UK

"I would like to give my sincere congratulations and gratitude to the operating theatre staff who assisted me to the highest order. Dr. Rajasekaran can rightly be proud of his staff. Good staff are essential to the hospital's success and therefore success is guaranteed already. Well done and I look forward to returning"
Prof Jegan Krishnan, Australia

"Always a pleasure to come back and be associated with the wonderful team"
Prof Mike Lawrence, UK

"It was a great pleasure to visit the hospital and see the amount of complex trauma patients being treated with a different philosophy"
Prof Jean Dubousset, France

"I discover not only the quality of the work done here on clinical, pathological and research field but also the amount of psychological, social and moral care that are given to the patient and their family. In addition the exceptional organisation lead to an exceptional efficiency and I will encourage all people of my country not only the scientific ones but also the administrative manager of our public hospital to come and see what it is done in Ganga Hospital."