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Microsurgery & Replantation

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Microsurgery & Replantation

Microsurgery is the marvel of modern surgery. To put it simply, operating with a microscope is called microsurgery. Surgeons of various specialities like Plastic Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and many more use the microscope. All of them use the microscope to do whatever they were doing a lot better. After all, you do better when you see better.

Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons took it a step further by fine-tuning the skills of joining small blood vessels, as small as or even lesser than a millimetre in diameter. That helped to revolutionise reconstructive surgery. Amputated fingers and hands were joined back. When major accidents resulted in large tissue defects, they were usually amputated. With the advent of microsurgery Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons were able to transfer tissues from one part of the body to another. This led to the salvage of severely injured hands and legs. 

It is just not in trauma where microsurgery is used. The same capability is also used in the reconstruction of defects after removal of cancer, reconstruction of major defects left by burns and even in infectious conditions like the diabetic foot. The benefits are endless. The imagination, hard work, skills and dexterity of microsurgerons has opened up endless possibilities for the benefit of patients.