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Cancer Reconstruction

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Cancer Reconstruction

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Indian subcontinent. 1 in 3 of all new cancer cases are of oral cancer. The main treatment modalities of cancer are surgery and radiotherapy.

Surgery involves removal of the cancer tissue completely which will leave a defect. This defect needs to be reconstructed with tissue from another part of the body. The unique anatomy of the face renders reconstruction challenging. However, the advent of microsurgical tissue transfer has helped in better reconstruction of these defects thus helping in the restoration of form and function.

Our expertise in microsurgery helps in the reconstruction of such large defects in the face following the removal of cancer. The reconstructive team includes specialists from Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgery, Maxillofacial surgery and Speech pathology. This collaboration helps in proper establishment of jaw and teeth position during reconstruction along with better guidance and coordination for functional rehabilitation like swallowing. Once the defect is established, we harvest tissues from other areas in the body along with their blood vessels and transfer to the defect and connect the blood vessels to those in the neck with the help of operating microscope.