Critical Care Services

Critical Care Services

Critical care is an essential part of trauma care and this is provided in our hospital by an eight- bedded intensive care unit and a four bedded neuro- care unit which is used specifically to care for critically ill patients with head injuries. We, in the intensive care unit provide an evidence- based, quality care to our patients and support their family through this emotional and challenging time.
Our ICU has state of art mechanical ventilators with monitors, intra cranial pressure monitoring, ultrasound and bronchoscopes which help us provide world class care to our patients.

The ICU Team

Our Critical care department is lead by a full time intensive care specialist with dedicated staff providing round the clock service to our patients. The team also includes a physiotherapist, pharmacist, nutritionist and social worker to ensure that individualized holistic care is given to our patients.We emphasize on good communication to the families during the patient's ICU stay and this enables us to improve patient satisfaction with the care provided.

Our Services

We are basically a trauma ICU and one of the few units in the world to have an independent polytrauma service. The ICU forms an integral part of the polytrauma service to improve patient outcomes. Many admissions to the ICU are patients with head injuries following road traffic accidents and we work closely with our neuro surgical colleagues to take care of these patients. As part of a busy plastic and orthopedic centre, we provide post operative care for patients with multiple comorbidities. In patients with burns, good quality critical care is absolutely mandatory and reflects patient outcomes. We also have access to the in-house skin bank which helps improves outcomes in patients with burns. Because patients in intensive care are often immobilized, our team takes gradual steps to re-introduce activity and restore mobility, with the goal of returning patients to their normal.
The quality of care provided is maintained by an ongoing training program that ensures that all our staff are trained and provide high quality care to all our patients with dedication and compassion.

Audit and research

We routinely participate in the hospital audits where various quality parameters for the ICU including infection rates are monitored to help improve our services and redefine our care as per current standards.

Outreach services

We not only provide care to our patients in the ICU, but also follow up our patients in the wards, to ensure that high quality care is maintainedto prevent ICU re-admission and to facilitate early discharge from hospital.

Follow up care

Patients who have been discharged from hospital following a stay in the ICU are followed up long-term as per the needs of the patient. Advice and supportive care is given for tracheostomy care, physiotherapy and various other rehabilitative services with the aim of getting back to the work and independent.

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