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Lip Lift

  1. Why do people want a lip lift?

  2. As we get older the upper lip loses its youthful pout and slowly droops downwards. This group in results in increased vertical height of the lip. The lip line viewed from the side shifts from the forward pout to straight down and then backwards. When in repose with the lips slightly parted with the jaws relaxed there should be mild teeth show. When the lip droops down the teeth are not seen when the person smiles which may not be very aesthetic.

  3. How is the procedure lip lift done?

  4. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Skin is excised from the upper part of the upper lip, just below the nose and sutured which helps to shorten and lift the upper lip. So this brings back the youthful pot of the upper lip and the teeth of the person is seen while smiling after the procedure.

  5. What do I need to expect during recovery?

  6. There may be swelling and pain after the procedure. Although the pain may not be much we will give pain killers to reduce the pain. To reduce the edema and swelling after the procedure we will be closing the incision done with non absorbable sutures. The sutures would need to be removed in 5-6 days from the date of operation. This procedure is done as a daycare procedure and the patient need not stay in the hospital for the night.

  7. What re the risks and complications associated with lip lift?

  8. Although most surgical procedures go smoothly, it is important to make patients aware of the risks and complications that can occur with a lip lift. There can be mild asymmetry due to healing issues during surgery. Numbness may be felt for some time following the procedure. Scarring can also be more prominent than intended. If so we will advise you as to how to make the scar look better. But generally it is hid by the nose. Infection is rare, but a possibility.

  9. Facts at a glance

  10. Type of Anaesthesia : Local Anaesthesia
    Surgery Time : 30 - 45 minutes
    Hospital Stay : Day case
    Walking : Same day
    Sports & Exercise : Next day
    Time off work : The day of operation