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Project 'Uyir'

- Road Traffic Accidents
- 3000 deaths every day world wide
- 75000 deaths per year on Indian roads
- 1 death every 6 minutes
- By 2020 one death every 3 minutes

More Indians between the age of 25-40 die as a result of road accidents than any other cause. While India has 1% of the vehicles, it unfortunately contributes to more than 6% of road traffic deaths in the world. There is one death every 6 minute on the Indian roads and this is expected to increase to one death every 3 minutes by 2020. For every road accident death, there are at-least 10 people who are permanently disabled for life due to severe accidents. This is not a statistics that we can be proud about.

A study done in the hospital showed that more than 60% of the accidents are due to rash driving and non-adherance to road safety loss by the public. To increase the public awareness and compliance on road safety, Ganga Hospital has joined hands with all the Rotary Clubs of Dist 3200 to initiate a novel programme 'UYIR '(meaning life) as the 'People's Movement against Road Accidents'. Many novel programmes are done to involve all sections of the society to improve road-safety awareness.


Inauguration of 'Uyir' By R I President Rtn Wilfrid J Wilkinson and District Collector Shri Neeraj Mittal


'UYIR'-Trained Volunteers receiving jackets from District Colector and Commissioner of Police