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Wrist Surgery & Sports Injuries

The wrist joint provides a mobile yet stable platform for the hand to carry out a wide range of movements. The wrist is hence an integral part of all our activities, whether they be recreational, occupational or of daily living. No wonder it is one of the most complex joints in the body, consisting of no less than 8 bones, 26 ligaments and 24 tendons. All of these put together can become the cause of more than a 100 known disorders.

Ganga Hospital has for long been involved in the care of wrist injuries and diseases. Together with the standard open surgery methods, we also provide ‘keyhole surgery’ of the wrist facility. Such arthroscopic surgery uses the latest equipment that allows faster and painless recovery. Many causes of wrist pain can be quite enigmatic and the arthroscopic surgery also allows us to diagnose them.

A wide variety of conditions are routinely managed, including:
  • Scaphoid fractures and nonunions.
  • Wrist dislocations.
  • Wrist ligament injuries and instability.
  • TFCC injuries.
  • Arthritis of wrist.
  • Kienbock’s disease.
  • Distal Radio-Ulnar joint diseases.