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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand and Microsurgery, Burns and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr S Raja Sabapathy heads this department which has a committed, skillful workforce which aims to provide the best possible outcome in everything they do. The team introduced Reconstructive Microsurgery to this region in 1991, and revolutionized trauma care. It continues to be leader in trauma reconstructive surgery with maximum number of procedures done in the country. This is made possible by the availability of senior level input 24 x 7 x 365 for a patient in need. The department justifiably takes pride in providing this quality care.

Hand Surgery and limb salvage continues to be the core strength of the unit. Over a period of time the same skills and attitude has helped the unit to push the frontiers in the growth of subspecialties like Birth defects of the Hand, Brachial plexus surgery, Wrist surgery, Peripheral nerve reconstruction and surgery for paralytic disorders including Cerebral palsy. One of the department which has taken wings recently is the special Diabetic Foot care unit. The unit has a busy progammein the management of Cleft lip and Palate patients partnering with Smile Train. The facial trauma unit is well experienced and has the benefit of having renowned and skilled Maxillo facial surgeons in the team. The collaborative effort ensures good outcome in jaw bone fractures and jaw and facial deformity correction.

The team has a special interest in burns management and has achieved remarkable results in the correction of post burn deformities. Though the quantum of work in reconstructive surgery overshadows the aesthetic surgery work, the unit continues to do high quality aesthetic surgery.

The work of the department has won international recognition. It is a preferred centre for training and over 100 surgeons visit the unit every year to observe the work done in the department. Currently it is the only centre in the country recognized by the National Board of Examinations offering post doctoral training in Hand and Microsurgery. The microsurgery lab of the department has trained more than 650 surgeons from 49 countries.

What is Unique about the Unit?

Availability and Accessibility

For a person whose hand or leg is amputated, or severely injured the need for the services of a skilled trauma reconstructive surgeon is acute. Irrespective of the time of the patient's arrival to the hospital, the Plastic and Reconstructive surgery unit has to provide him with the best of the services that he deserves. The unit provides one of the most dependable senior level acute care in Microsurgery in the country.

The unit adopts a patient friendly policy, of being accessible to their questions. Since their services are sought after, even from very faraway places, particularly for secondary reconstruction, the senior leadership is accessible by e mail all the time. More than 95% of the enquires are answered within 24 hours. Accessibility builds up the confidence of the patients to the unit. (for details contact

Support of an excellent Anaesthesiology team

The unit is well supported by an excellent anaesthesiology team which enables major reconstructions to be carried out. The close cooperation ensures that the time interval between the patient's arrival to the hospital to the operation table for definitive surgery is kept as low as possible. Sometimes it is shorter than 10 minutes, in demanding situations. This helps the patient to recover faster.

The concepts of 'In Theatre Resuscitation', and providing immediate pain relief to the patient by regional anaesthesia techniques like 'On Arrival Block', developed by the former senior anaesthesiologistDr Bhat, profoundly helps the patient in their comfort and recovery. (also see DrRavindra Bhat, the Gamechanger in Trauma care in the home page).This cooperation helps to save many hands and legs which otherwise would been amputated and paves way for major reconstructions.

Clinical Research

The volume of work in trauma reconstruction has helped us formulate and put into perspective the value of salvaging versus amputation of severely injured limbs. The protocol we practice in reattaching major amputations is being followed in many centres around the world. The work has been internationally recognized in the form of many awards, visiting professorships, orations and key note addresses.

The unit with Big Dreams

The unit in the last two decades is steadily working towards its stated goal of becoming the 'Reconstructive Surgery Capital of the country'. In this way we will participate in nation building of producing a healthier and happy India. We practice the 'High Volume, High Quality and Affordable Price' model to make it happen. We understand that there is a big gap between what is possible and what actually exists in practice. With every patient we treat we try to bridge the gap. The initiatives like 'Ganga Accident Insurance Scheme – GAINS', 'Save the Working Hand', 'Help for the Hands in Need', 'Ganga Hand Injury Support Group' and the 'Hope after Fire' have helps us to go closer to the goal.