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Scalp Replantation

Long hairs can get entagled in a moving machinery resulting in complete avulsion of the scalp. The usual line of avulsion runs below the eyebrows, along the margin of the ear and nape of the neck. Some times the ears also could be totally avulsed. The usual plane of avulsion is in the loose areolar tissue layer of the scalp. There could be patchy areas where bare bone is exposed. The best form of reconstruction is replantation of the avulsed scalp. It provides eyebrows, the special forehead skin, ears and hair growing scalp.

Scalp Avulsion Injury

Avulsed Scalp

Immediately After Surgery

10 year old Rupavathi was in a mini giant wheel, when her hair was caught in the moving part and the scalp got avulsed. She was rushed to Ganga Hospital where the scalp was successfully replanted.

Post operative pictures showing good hair growth.

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