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Digital Replantation

Replantation is the best form of reconstruction for amputated fingers. When amputated fingers are rejoined not only they restore the same form but also function. Replantation is possible upto the level of the middle of the nail bed. The Unit has the capability and infrastructure to perform replantation at all times. It is worthy to replant the thumb at whatever be the level of amputation. Shortening of the thumb adversely affects the functioning of the hand. Amputations in children, amputation of multiple fingers deserve to be replanted at all levels. Digits do not have muscle in them. If the amputated part is properly stored they can withstand preservation for longer time. Hence patients can travel to the microsurgical centre for this procedure. Though replantations have successfully been carried out even after 72 hours of proper preservation, we would recommend the patient to reach the replantation centre as early as possible. Delay reduces success rates. (For details regarding how to bring the amputated parts please click here - How to bring amputated parts).

Finger Tip Replant

Finger tip is a highly specialized organ which plays a crucial role in all our day to day activities. It is the commonest injury to take place in the hand. The structures involved to include the pulp tissue, nail complex and the distal phalanx. Injuries can range from simple nail bed laceration, skin loss, and amputation of the tip.

Finger Tip Amputation


After Surgery

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