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Lower Limb Reconstruction

There is hardly a fate worse than being confined to a bed. Injuries to the legs can be a source of lifelong pain or, even worse, immobility. At Ganga Hospital we have accumulated a vast experience in literally putting people back on their feet.

Recent years have shown a disconcerting spurt in road accidents and their concomitant injuries, especially involving the lower limbs. Many of those involved are young and bread earners for their families. Along with our Anaesthesia and Orthopaedic teams, the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery has made great strides in the art and science of limb reconstruction. Many injuries that were once considered non salvageable, hence doomed for an amputation, are now being saved with a combination of cutting edge techniques, broad experience and sheer doggedness in pursuit of a shared goal. That to build our Nation by not letting our injured lie by the wayside.