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Hand Injuries


Hand is the most commonly injured part of the body in the work place. As much as 40 % of all injuries that occur in industries, happen to the hands. In the management of hand injuries – First time is the best time to get good results. It has been documented that when hand injuries are treated by surgeons who are specially trained and interested in their management, the outcomes are superior.

There are no minor hand injuries

Seemingly small injuries like a cut in the finger due to the piercing of a knife, can result in damage to nerves which provide sensation to the fingers or divide tendons which move the fingers. The size of the skin wound quite often has no relation to the extend to the damage caused underneath. This is because many important structures are just a few millimeters below the skin.

The Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at Ganga Hospital is committed to serve the needs of people with injured hands. For well over two decades we are proud that we have provided quality care service round the clock by experienced surgeons who are skilled in microsurgical reconstruction. We have now emerged as one of the leading Hand Surgery Centres in the world.

The Department is supported by an excellent Anaesthesiology team and Physiotherapy department.

A worker had a knife injury while at work. Appeared 'minor' and was treated with just 'a couple of sutures'. But he found that he was not able to bend the finger joints. Also he was not feeling 'as good' as in the other fingers. He thought as the wound heals he will get better. But things did not improve. What had happened is that the injury had divided his tendons which move the fingers and the nerves which give sensation to the fingers. They were joined back, but had he come immediately he would have recovered faster and better. First time is the best time to get good results. Every hand injury has to be treated carefully.