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Tendon Injuries

Tendons are cord like structures on either side of the bones which are responsible for the movement of the fingers. They extend from the muscles and are attached to the bones. The power of the muscles is transmitted to the bones through the tendons. When they are cut, joint movement is lost. Seemingly simple injuries can divide the tendons.

Hence Beware of a Minor Cut in the Hand or Fingers.

If you are not able to move the finger after an injury, Do Not Think it is due to Pain. It might be due to an injury to the tendons. If diagnosed immediately, they can be sutured back. Delay causes the cut ends of the tendons to retract and sometimes direct approximation may become impossible. Unlike many other tissues, tendon repairs require special aftercare and physiotherapy. 6 to 8 weeks of physiotherapy may be needed to regain function. The Hand Surgery department of Ganga Hospital is well supported by a team of physiotherapists specially trained in Hand Therapy. The physiotherapists prevent the repaired tendons from getting stuck to the surrounding structures. When the initial opportunity of tendon repair is lost, salvage procedures are still possible. We can bridge the gap with tendon grafts. Such procedures are also regularly done at Ganga Hospital.

tendon injury

A seemingly small wound sustained by a boy while flying kite. It appears too small to seek expert medical attention.

tendon injury

The kite thread had divided the tendons
(white structure), and the nerves which
supply sensation to the finger tips.