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Nerve Injuries

Nerves provide sensation to the fingertips and make the muscles act according to the command of the brain. Sensation at the end of the fingertips is so acute, that we will not be wrong if we say that we have got 'eyes at the end of our fingertips'. You can put your finger into your pocket and pick up your car key from a bunch of keys or introduce your hand into a drawer and pick up a coin even without looking at it !. This is possible because of the nerve supply to the hand. When nerves are cut and fingers lose sensation, objects slip out of hands without knowledge. There is a grave risk of injuring the fingers. It is possible to burn your fingertips even before you finish drinking a hot cup of coffee!!

The nerves which supply the hands are just beneath the skin in many places and are liable to get injured. Early diagnosis is important. Repair of divided nerves is possible and is better done by a trained Hand Surgeon. Microscope provides good magnification and illumination which is very essential for achieving better results. It takes quite a while to appreciate the results of a nerve repair. If the nerve is injured at the level of the wrist, it may take around 9 months before the fingertips get sensation. If repair is delayed nerves might have to be bridged by grafts or tendon transfers may be necessary. Ganga Hospital is well equipped to deal with all problems relating to the nerves be it an injury or a tumour.

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