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The Speciality of Hand Surgery

The Human hand is one of the marvels of evolution, unsurpassed in its dexterity and sophistication. Naturally special skills and knowledge are needed to put it back to work when a problem happens to the hand, be it an injury in the work place or an infection. When children are born with hand deformities, it calls for ingenuity to make it functional.

Till recently, hand problems were managed by all surgeons. With the advent of microsurgery and enhanced knowledge of the mechanics of hand function, Hand Surgery as a speciality began to evolve. Plastic surgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons were attracted to this field. Better results are now obtained when surgeons who are trained in Hand surgery deal with the problems of the hand.





The Hand Surgery department at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore belongs to this small growing group. It introduced Reconstructive Microsurgery to this region.Your hands need the best of care when they have a problem. We are proud to provide just that.

Training of a Hand Surgeon

It takes on an average, ten years for the development of a hand surgeon after one acquires the basic Medical degree of MBBS. The graph will explain to you that one has to go through a long learning curve before maturing to be a hand surgeon. Micro surgery has become an integral part of hand surgery and one acquires the skills by working in the laboratory anastomosing blood vessels as small as 1 mm in diameter in small animals. Ganga Hospital is a pioneer in this field and it is now a preferred centre for training microsurgeon in India.

Training of a Hand Surgeon