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Facio Maxillary Trauma

Ganga hospital is a tertiary referral centre for traumatic injuries. Majority of the injuries to the face result from road traffic accidents, industrial accidents and fall from height. These injuries can be a simple laceration to a major injury involving multiple facial bones affecting the brain, eye and and neurological structures. A multidisciplinary team approach is required for the management of major trauma. Modern diagnostic techniques, proper patient care and use of advanced fixation techniques (titanium implants) help get the patient back to normalcy.

Any injury to the face, however small it may be causes aprehension in the mind of the injured person. They fear scarring and deformity. The fear is justifiable, because even a 'small' injury can cause a 'scar which attracts attention'.

Can we prevent scars?

No body can operate without a scar but the surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Department of Ganga Hospital try to minimise the effects of scarring as far as possible. We try to use sutures which are less reactive, scars supporting techniques to prevent stretching of scars, silicone gel sheets and compression garments to prevent scar thickening.

We cannot prevent scars but we try to make them less noticeable.

It is much better to manage even small wounds well than to attempt subsequent scar revision.

It is better to get even a small wound taken care of well the first time than attempt to correct the scar.

Fixation of Facial Fractures

Picture Showing Head Injury

Injury Photo

Post Treatment Picture

Skull Reconstruction