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Facio Maxillary Surgery - Orthognathic Surgery

Deformities of the face involving the jaw bones and teeth affects quite a large part of the population. The deformities may be due to genetic make up of the individual or secondary to trauma, infection or surgery. These deformities can affect both the function of the jaws causing discomfort in chewing, swallowing and occasionally speech. It is imperative to correct such deformities to help in functional rehabilitation as well as improve their appearance.

Correction of these deformities requires involves a team approach. The team involves an Orthodontist and a Surgeon with specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery. The role of the orthodontic treatment is to correct and align the teeth while surgery is required to correct the jaw discrepancy. Modern day surgical techniques help us is repositioning the jaw in different positions with adequate fixation thus helping us achieve consistent results. Surgery is greatly facilitated by anaesthesia and post operative care facilities.

The deformities may be limited to the jaws or the entire facial skeleton. This is usually due to genetic cause, infection or trauma. They may be noticeable when the patient is young or become apparent as the patient grows. The common problems encountered by such patients include difficulties in chewing food, maintaining oral hygiene along with their appearance.

Assessment of the patients include thorough clinical examination and radiographs. In certain instances CT scans are also useful. Study models are made based on the dental impressions of the patient. They are useful as a planning modality and also as a reference of the patient's original presentation.

The patients may need to undergo orthodontic treatment prior to surgery. This is done to realign the teeth in the ideal position (Decompensation) which helps the jaw repositioning during surgery.

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