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Facio Maxillary Surgery - Jaw Tumours

Cysts are abnormal cavities that are filled with fluid, solid or gas. Tumors are abnormal growth of tissues that replaces normal tissue. The cysts and tumors may arise from odontogenic tissues ( tissues from which teeth develop) or from non odontogenic tissues. Both ( Cysts and tumors) need removal and if the ensuing defect is large then will need reconstruction. In certain instances the lesions are quite large almost replacing a large amount of the jaw bones treating which will leave a large defect resulting in facial deformity impeding function like eating, chewing or speaking and hence will need reconstruction with bone grafts ( microvascular tissue transfer).

Picture Showing a Huge Cyst Involving the Lower Jaw

Picture Showing Minimal Scaring at Surgical Site

After Removal of
the Cyst

MRI Picture