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16 years boy had presented to us with bilateral enlargement of breast from childhood more pronounced in past two years.

    Gynecomastia - Benign enlargement of the male breast resulting from a proliferation of the glandular component of the breast

    The term comes from the Greek words gyne meaning "woman" and mastos meaning "breast." In practical terms, this means abnormally large breasts on men.

    Etiology - This condition is usually temporary and benign

    Idiopathatic 75%, Physiological, Pathological

    Clinically Present as

    • Increase in breast tissue
    • Tenderness
    • Idiopathic and drug-induced: unilateral .
    • Pubertal and hormonal cases: bilateral

    Surgery - Mainly for Psychological Issues

    • Macromastia
    • Long-standing gynecomastia
    • Medical therapy failed
    • Cosmetic reasons (accompanying psychosocial reasons)


    • Suction lipectomy
    • Excisional surgery
    • Combined suction lipectomy with gland exicision

We used combined method - Liposuction with Gland Excision commonly known as - Webster's procedure

Post operatively patient was advised compression garments for 6 months

    Prognosis -

      90% of cases, pubertal gynecomastia usually resolves in months to several years.

    • Secondary to an underlying treatable cause (eg, drug-induced gynecomastia) usually responds to treatment or removal of the aprimary cause.
    • Long duration seldom resolves completely and often requires surgery.