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Mohammed Kaleem – The boy with the Giant Hands.

Dr S Raja Sabapathy, Department of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery,
Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

Master Mohammed Kaleem,an 8 year old cricket fan from Chass Village, Bokaro, Jharkhand, India was born on 22nd February 2006. He had a sister and a little brother. He never went out of the house as people started making fun of him and people thought it was devil's incarnation. Though they tried to reach many centers for treatment nobody had an answer. His photographs went on the net and many Surgeons from abroad like Spain, UK and USA had suggested for amputation to reduce the size. His chest was also big. With the help from various agencies the child was brought to Ganga Hospital in November 2014. The boy was very thin and frail weighing 21kgs and both his hands together weighing 8kgs. This condition is called local gigantism and sometimes people called it " Proteus Syndrome" named after an old man in the Greek Mythology gifted with the power to prophesy and who was able to change himself to any form he wishes.

His right hand was totally useless and was bigger. The weight was so much that it was dragging his shoulders and finding it extremely difficult to walk. Even to lift up he had to use a lot of strength and difficult to hold up. In the first stage we reduced the size of the forearm. It was a very difficult task to separate the muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels from the mass of fat and fibrous tissues. Once this was done, the boy and the family felt very happy because he was feeling much lighter. Before he left the village ,all had scared the family that he would die if the doctors touch him or operated on him. When he reached back the village with lighter hands, they got surprised that he was still alive, lighter and better. Previously he was wearing a shirt with a separate hand with zip on the side. Now he is able to wear a regular shirt.

He came back in January 2015 and now we concentrated on his hands. The hand measured 13 inches from the wrist to the finger tip. Operating on this hand is tricky because though it so huge it has relatively less blood supply weight for weight. The blood vessels are usually of the size of the normal finger and are only about 1 to 2mms. The challenge was to debulk and reduce the size of the fingers without in any way affecting the survival of the finger. By the new techniques each finger was radically shortened on all sides. The parents and the boy became veryhappy. He is able to lift his hands and is use it much better than before.

More than that it has given great confidence to him that he is not a cursed boy, with so many people in this world to take care of him. When he first came the parents brought him fully covered and wrapped in a bed sheet but after the 2 operations Kaleem no longer covered his hands and was running around in the hospital with his fingers open.

The team comprises of Dr S Raja Sabapathy, Dr Hari, Dr Bharathi, Dr Sanjai, Dr Senthil , Dr Madhu, Dr Amit Patil and Anaesthesiologists – Dr Venkateswaran and Dr Bhoopathy.