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Ganga Hospital is a "tertiary Level I trauma care centre" maintaining unique level of confidence among the people. This is due to the patient care and good results that have been consistently delivered by the team that provides consultant level input to all the patients regardless of severity of injury. The increasing clinical work that is being done here is the evidence of this confidence. The trauma work load is managed round the clock by Four Trauma Senior Consultants, Four Associate Consultants, 15 Registrars and one Trauma fellow. The availability of 11 operation theatres dedicated to trauma and Emergency surgery and in house trauma anaesthesia team available 24hrs X 7 days makes it possible to do all life and limb saving surgeries immediately without any delay.

Trauma Department Highlights :

  • 10 bedded trauma Casualty.
  • 8 bedded intensive trauma unit.
  • 5 operating rooms to exclusively handle Orthopaedic trauma.
  • 6 operating rooms to handle combined injuries.
  • Extensive inventory of instruments and implants.
  • Availability of trauma surgeon and anaesthesiologist round the clock.