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The Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai.

Ph.D Course in Orthopaedics Surgery

In 2010, the Orthopaedic department of Ganga Hospital has been recognized by the Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University to select candidates for Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph D) programme under the broad field of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Details regarding the candidate eligibility and course duration have been provided in the university website If a candidate meets the eligibility criteria, he/she should contact Prof S Rajasekaran, the Chairman of Department of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery at Ganga Hospital for further details. He will be the main guide for the Ph D program.

Currently there are two candidates who have enrolled for the PhD program.

1. Dr Ramesh Perumal DNB Ortho – 2010

Bio-chemical markers (Serum Lactate and Interleukin-6) in Open injuries - Can they predict timing of Reconstruction?

Abstract of the project :
The treatment pathway for the severely injured extremity patients has evolved considerably in the last century. The understanding of the altered physiology these patients increasing, a major change in the care of such patients has also occurred. Major injuries activate multiple humoral and cellular cascade mechanisms involving the inflammatory mediators and complex mechanisms of host defense.

Metabolic parameters such as lactate and interleukin-6 are minimally invasive measures of systemic oxygen transport, tissue perfusion and host immune seems to be valuable. The role of these biochemical markers is clearly proven in polytrauma but its role in major open injuries has not been studied so far.

The purpose of the study would be to analyze the patient altered metabolic reserve and the immune response which is one of the main predictor in the early period. And these factors can be determined by serial estimation of serum lactate and interleukin-6 done at 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours. The treatment pathway is planned and executed as per the Ganga Hospital Open Injury Score (GHOIS) guidelines.

2. Dr Rishi M Kanna MS Ortho, MRCS, FNB Spine – 2012

Dr Rishi M Kanna

Title :
Multi-Modal Analysis of Early Lumbar Disc Degenerative Disease – A Clinical, Radiological and Genetic Evaluation of Young Patients with Back Pain and Disc Degeneration.

Abstract of the project :
Degeneration of human intervertebral discs is inevitable as it is part of aging. However it also affects young people resulting in low back pain and neural sequelae. Currently both genetic predisposition and mechanical factors are considered as etio-pathogenetic factors for degeneration. Previous studies on the etiology of disc degeneration have studied patients of all age groups. Apart from degeneration being a part of normal aging, discs of adults would have been subjected to mechanical loading and hence are not ideal subjects to study the role of genes. A study on young patients with early disc degeneration focussing on both genetic associations and mechanical factors will be the best model to answer the above questions.

Key goals :

  • Identify significant genetic associations of candidate genes with respect to early lumbar disc degeneration.
  • Detecting specific radiological parameters including facet angle, facet tropism, lumbar lordosis – segmental and global, sacral tilt, Lumbosacral angle, pelvic tilt, pelvic incidence, disc height in patients that could have predisposed to early disc degeneration.
  • Study the patterns of disc degeneration in other regions of spine (cervical and thoracic) in patients with early disc degeneration.
  • Identify genetic associations and radiographic parameters that correlate with low back pain in patients with disc degeneration.

How to apply?
The applications are called for during the month of May and November from the university. For exact details, please visit Once eligible, please send your contact details and interest in the course to Prof S Rajasekaran at