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Out Patient Emergency Services

The Outpatient and Emergency department of the hospital caters to around 300 patients every day. There are twenty outpatient examination stations for quick and efficient management of patientws without delay. The Emergency department is equipped with trained doctors and nurses along with facilities for receiving and resuscitating polytrauma victims.

In Patient Services

Operation Theatres
The 17 operating theatres allow upto 300 operating hours every day. Amongst them, 8 are primarily orthopaedic theatres well equipped with modern instrumentation and imaging systems. An adequate inventory of the various orthopaedic implants is being maintained in the theatre to ensure continuous conduct of surgeries. The spine theatre is equipped with two high-end Carl Zeiss microscopes. There are two advanced open platform navigations systems (BrainLab, Germany) and also two Siemens ISO-C 3D Carms. This makes the unit probably one of the very few in the world which has two such systems operating in the same hospital. This allows for a high turnover of computer navigated surgeires in joint replacement, advanced spine and trauma surgeries. The operating ttheatres are also specially designed with infection prevention as the primary aim with required air change facility and the latest computerised autoclave and sterilisation system.

There are also well equipped post-operative wards separately for various specialties and hi-tech intensive care units for trauma and neurosurgery patients with round the clock staff coverage.

Intensive Care Unit

Rooms & Wards

In line with the hospitl's policy to cater to all sections of the society, there are

Economy rooms 151 Patient rooms have been designed keeping in mind the growing trends of medical tourism. The 6 executive suites allow patients to not only have treatment in privacy but also in the comfort of relatives and friends. The 6 executive suites allow patients to not only have treatment in privacy but also in the comfort of relatives and friends. The 4 General wards can house up to 25 patients each and has a seperate ward solely for female patients.
Comfort rooms 31
Executive rooms 6
General wards 6



The Ganga hospital pharmacy started in the year November 2005 under the name S.K. pharmacy (Shanmuganathan Kanagavalli). Our hospital pharmacy is a complex organization which consists of a whole sale store, Inpatient pharmacy, Outpatient pharmacy and in addition three pharmacy stores located in the operation theatre. The department or service provided in our hospital is under the direction of a professionally competent, legally qualified pharmacist and from which all medications are supplied to in-patients and out-patients. We have a total of 33 employees working in the pharmacy department including the pharmacy manager and the clinical pharmacist.

Pharmaceutical services in our institution have numerous components, the most prominent being

  1. The procurement, distribution, and control of all pharmaceuticals used within the facility. A Hospital formulary is maintained to have a control over the medicines purchased to utilize within the institution and the same is approved through the pharmaco-therapeutic committee (PTC) meeting .
  2. The evaluation and dissemination of comprehensive information about drugs and their use to the institution's staff and patients.
  3. The monitoring, evaluation, and assurance of the quality of drug use. These functions are carried out in cooperation with other institutional departments and programs.

Just as any organization must have long-range goals toward which its daily activities are directed, so must a profession, its members, and their representative societies

Ganga hospital pharmacy provides the following objectives:
  1. To provide the benefits of a qualified hospital pharmacist to patients and health care institutions, to the allied health professions, and to the profession of pharmacy.
  2. To assist in providing an adequate supply of such qualified hospital pharmacists.
  3. To assure a high quality of professional practice through the establishment and maintenance of standards of professional ethics, education, and attainments and through the promotion of economic welfare.
  4. To promote research in hospital pharmacy practices and in the pharmaceutical sciences in general.
  5. To disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge by providing for interchange of information among hospital pharmacists and with members of allied specialties and professions.

ore broadly, the primary purpose is the advancement of rational, patient-oriented drug therapy within the hospital organization.

Speech Theraphy

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Catering Facilities

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Insurance Department

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Guest Relation Department

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Conference Facility

One of the highlights of the hospital is the sprawling convention centre. It includes an auditorium with a seating capacity of 420 people and two meeting rooms that can seat 150 people each along with a pre-conference lobby that can hold trade exhibits and a food court. This makes the convention centre the largest conference facility available in the city at present.

The convention centre allows audio visual transmission from all major operating theatres to the halls for live surgery workshops. The centre has recently hosted the 13th Operative Spine Course of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association that telecasted 24 live surgeries to delegates. This was the largest APOA Spine Course comprising of 26 faculty members and 333 participants from 19 countries.