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Facilities Available

  • 1.5 Testla MRI – Siemens MAGNETOM SYMPHONY
  • Special features in MRI.
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Spinal Cord.
  • Cartilage sequences

  • Siemens SOMATON EMOTION 6 CT scanner
  • Advanced 3D reconstruction and fast acquistion.

  • BMD Prodigy Series GE

  • ULTRASOUND High Resolution Logiq S7 GE.
  • Portable USG machines.
  • Image Guided Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventions.

  • 32 Slice, AIRO Mobile CT scanner : INTRA-OPERATIVE CT NAVIGATION
  • For precise localisation in complex surgeries.

  • Digital radiography : DR X ray units and Mobile X ray Units
  • DR systems with autostitching software to include entire spine and extremities.

  • Dental X ray and OPG units.

  • PACS WITH LOCAL & REMOTE NETWORK PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and Teleradiology Services.