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Dietary Team

Department Organization

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is ably led under the dynamic and highly experienced guidance of Mrs. Nirmala Raja Sabapathy, Director and wife of Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy, Director- Plastic and Hand Reconstructive Surgery. She has years of extensive experience in managing the dietary and canteen services of both the Ganga hospitals. She is a visionary and a perfectionist in her field and has been instrumental in the progress of both the institutions. Her commitment to excellence in quality of food and service is exemplary and non-compromising.

The Department functions through two divisions: Food Service Management and Clinical Nutrition. They are headed by the Chief Dietitian and the Chief Clinical Nutritionist respectively, to help improve efficiency and quality of service for better patient care and comfort.

Organizational Chart

Mrs. Nirmala Raja Sabapathy

N. Deepa Sathish
Chief Dietitian


Dr. Rohini Sharma
Chief Clinical Nutritionist
M.Sc.(Food Tech), Ph.D (Nutrition)
PGD PR; PGD Psychological Counseling

Team of Dietitians
M. Sudha B.Sc., PGDND., MBA (Senior Dietitian / Quality officer)
S. Venupriya M.Sc. (Senior Dietitian)
S. Greeshma B.Sc (Dietitian)
Shireen Ummer B.Sc. (Dietitian)
P. Nagalakshmi M.Sc. (Dietitian)
M. Vandana B.Sc. (Dietitian)
V. Revathi B.Sc (Dietitian)
R. Ranjana M.Sc (Trainee)
V. Vennila M.Sc (Trainee)


Our Dietitians

Diet therapy has long been recognized as a cornerstone in the management of diseases. The role of a dietitian is to educate patients about diet and lifestyle in the management of their disease. Our team of well trained and qualified Dietitians looks after the dietary needs of our patients. They comprise of a dedicated team of graduates, post graduates and professional degree holders in the field of Food Science and Nutrition; and Food Service Management and Dietetics. They carry out the Nutritional assessment, diet planning, counseling and diet setting for the patients.

1. Kitchen Manager and Supervisors

The Kitchen manager Mr. Maya Krishnan is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Kitchen and timely preparation and service of food for patients and the Canteen. He is ably assisted by an efficient team of Supervisors who ensure hygiene and efficiency.

Kitchen Manager and Supervisors

2. The Team of Cooks

We have a highly trained and talented team of Cooks who churn out delicious meals and snacks everyday for our patients as well as for the canteen.There are special cooks and separate kitchens for the South Indian , North Indian and Non-veg foods.

The Team of Cooks

3. Service Staff and Helpers

The entire team of Ancillary staff helps in timely food service and ensuring cleanliness of the kitchen and associated areas.

Service Staff and Helpers