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Service Offered

A. In Patient Care

Food is served in the room for the patients and is billed separate from the room charges. As a hospital policy, visitors are not permitted to bring any food from outside to the hospital. There is strict checking at all entry points for the same. However, fruits may be brought for the patients.

It is our endeavor apart from providing a scientific, balanced and need based diet for the patients to also serve delicious, fresh and hygienically prepared food through our in-house kitchen. Besides the delicious South Indian fare, we also provide North Indian meals. Our trained cooks also stir up a few African dishes to cater to the needs of our overseas patients.

"We have well separated Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian kitchens and North Indian food cooked is pure vegetarian. We can also provide Jain food upon request."

South Indian Kitchen

North Indian Kitchen

Non-Veg Kitchen

1. Diabetic Care

At Ganga, we have a comprehensive diabetic care system to provide nutritional support for Diabetic patients. All patients are screened by Dietitians for Nutritional status at the time of admission and if found to be diabetic, provided diet counseling within 24 hrs. A detailed pamphlet prepared by our department is provided to the patient and their care-takers; which contains guidelines for diabetic diet management. If a patient is a known case of Type -I or Type -II Diabetes Mellitus, their diet plan is drawn out and diabetic diet is prescribed. In case of those patients who are diagnosed to be diabetics after blood investigation, they are also given diabetic diet counseling and provided a diabetic diet.

Blood investigations for diabetic patients are carried out on regular basis and Fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine and electrolyte levels are also taken into consideration when prescribing diets. Any co-morbidity or complication of diabetes is also specially monitored while prescribing a diet for the patients. All patients are visited on a daily basis by dietitians to keep a close eye on their fasting blood glucose, changes in nutritional requirements and dietary intake. Changes to diet plan are made to suit their individual needs.

A well planned Diabetic Menu is used, which ensures a wholesome, nutritious and tasty diet to all out in-patients. Food is prepared fresh in our modern and hygienic kitchen under the capable supervision of kitchen manager and delivered fresh to the patients in their rooms. A close coordination between the Dietary department, Diabetologist, nurses and care-takes helps us to ensure that the diabetic patients' diet is managed most efficiently without compromising on taste.

2. Burns Care

Burn injuries are the fourth most common type of trauma worldwide. At Ganga Hospital we specialize in treatment of patients with Burns as well as reconstructive surgery for burn related deformities. Nutrition therapy plays an integral role in treatment of burns patients. In burns patients the nutritional needs increase considerably while their dietary intake decreases, making it a great challenge to keep them well nourished. Upon admission, the nutritional requirement of each patient is assessed and a tailor-made nutritional plan is designed based upon the severity and extent of burns injury. This ensures intake of adequate proteins, calories and other essential nutrients through diet and Enteral nutrition supplements. Keeping a patient motivated throughout the prolonged and arduous treatment is very important and we keep the patient's comfort and dietary preferences in mind when providing diet. Burns patients are proactively monitored for their dietary intake and biochemical parameters to ensure quick remedial action. With a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and dietitians working in close co-ordination we are able to provide the best possible treatment a patient can get.

Comparing the nutritional needs of a normal person vs. a burns patient both weighing 60kgs.

Normal person
(50% burns)
Energy (KCals/day) 2300 3440 50%
Proteins (g/day) 60g 120g 100%

Hence it is a challenge for a nutritionist to provide nutritionally dense diets for the burns patients, since most of them report suppression of appetite. Another concern is the number of times they need to be kept empty stomach (Nil per Oral) for dressings and surgical procedures. Enteral nutrition and use of supplements therefore play a vital role in bridging the nutritional gap in burns patients.

3. Enteral & Supplementary Nutrition

At Ganga Hospital, we have a comprehensively designed Enteral Nutrition program, which caters to the nutritional needs of patients who are unable to take regular diet and are dependent on specialized supplementary nutrition. A wide range of carefully selected supplements are used in a systematic manner to meet the unique needs of such vulnerable patients. The supplements are carefully prepared by specially trained Feeding Assistants; in an exclusive room under utmost hygienic conditions and distributed fresh to the patients every hour. Separate ranges of supplementary products are used for high protein, diabetic and burns related enteral feeding. The Parenteral mode of nutrition is also used when the patient's needs cannot be met exclusively through enteral feeding or if the GI tract is inaccessible.

Under the "Smile Train Project", a large number of children and infants undergo cleft lip and cleft pallet repair surgery for free at Ganga Hospital. Infants and children with cleft lip and palate are assessed and necessary nutritional guidance is provided to the mothers regarding feeding practices and supplementary feeding. A detailed written guideline is provided to the care-takers by our department for dietary care post surgery. This ensures adequate nutrition, rapid healing and minimal infections.

4. In Patient Diet Charges

Our charges for a patient's diet are extremely nominal and are based on the type of Room / Ward they are admitted in. The diet charge for a patient includes three basic meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) along with tea / coffee (twice a day), which is truly value for money.

Type of Room
Diet Charges per person /day
(Indian Rupees)
1 AA or AAA 275/-
2 A, B, C 235/-
3 General Wards 180/-

Any extra food, snacks or beverage ordered is charged over and above the basic rates.

5. Contact Us

All patients are visited by Dietitians on a daily basis and they will be able to help you in any matter related to the diet. You are welcome to reach us for additional assistance through your Floor Dietitian or the Nursing Staff.

If you are unable to contact the respective Floor Dietitian for further assistance you may contact the Kitchen Manager, Mr. Maya Krishnan and / or Senior Supervisor Mr. Mahendran (Extn.No.7501/ 7505) between 5.30 am to 10:00 pm.

In case of any grievances you may contact Chief Dietitian, Mrs. Deepa Sathish (#1238) and / or Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Rohini Sharma (#1183), for in-patients only.

B. Out Patient Care

Nutrition care is provided to patients assessed to be at nutrition risk. Outpatient diet counseling is provided by our trained and experienced Dietitians on referral by OPD doctors in a designated clinic situated in the Ground floor, between 9am to 6pm on all weekdays. An individualized diet chart is given to the patients at the end of each counseling session. Patients are encouraged to come for regular follow up.

C. Doctors' and Staff Dining

We also cater to the dietary needs of our Doctors, nurses and other staff. They can always enjoy a delicious meal in their specially allocated, clean and modern Dining Rooms above the canteen.

Doctor's Dining Room

Staff Dining Room

D. Canteen and Cafeteria

Dining Room - Canteen

Chat Counter

Patients' attendants, relatives and visitors are invited to use our Canteen in the ground floor and the Cafeteria on third floor for meals, snacks and refreshments. We serve a variety of delicious foods and beverages, prepared hygienically and fresh. Every evening North Indian Chat is also available at our Chat Counter in the Canteen (ground floor).