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Dr. Roshan Dixit - January, 2015

"I was admitted in Ganga hospitals on 26th January for lumbar discectomy. Along with the fear of surgery, was the fear of hospital stay and poor hospital diet. As nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery from major surgeries, I was concerned about it. But I was pleasantly surprised with the nutrition services in the hospital. The expert Dr. Rohini was very understanding about my concerns about food as I am not a South Indian. She formulated my diet plan well and the quality, cleanliness and taste of food was pleasantly good. Food service was timely and I would really compliment the cook Ms Uma who made my hospital stay comfortable. Please continue the good service.!"

Mrs. Maya Mohan, Chennai - July, 2014

"We have been in Ganga Hospitals from the 21st July. Coming from Chennai, we were a trifle nervous about the kind of food we would get here. We really appreciate you and your team for the wholesome and tasty diet with a good variety. Thanks for keeping us in good health and cheer!"

Mr. Anil Vadodkar, Delhi - July 2014

"Quality of food is very good and courteous dietitians."

Attendant of Miss Simran Khurana, New Delhi - May 2014

"The hospital is a place next to temple and I am blessed to be able to avail the services of this hospital. We were very well taken care in all aspects, from medical to catering service. I am really happy to see the improvement in North Indian food service. It is a great help to people like us! Thanks for all the cooperation of staff from top level to the bottom. We feel just as home in this hospital because of all the warmth we get here."

Ms. Debolina Bal, Calcutta - Mar 2014 and Apr 2014

"The hospitality offered to patients at Ganga Hospital sets a high mark. During my recent stay for my surgery, I found the doctors, nurses, staffs, took great care with optimum interest, as an extended family. Also I would like to give a special mention about the Nutrition Department headed by Dr. Rohini Sharma and her team of Nutritionists, who took every possible care to cater to my food habits as well as my mother's (Mrs. Debjani Bal). They made the stay very homely and comfortable for us. They take special care by going to each and every patient and taking a keen interest to serve each patient according to their food habits while keeping in mind the proper nutrition for a healthy and fast recovery. They hospital houses a North Indian Kitchen which helps to cater to the food requests placed by patients coming from other parts of India, especially Central and North India, which I personally feel is very satisfying."

Mr. Raghavendra Varadarajan, Chennai - May 2013 and Nov 2013

"My hearty thanks to my well wisher Mrs. Rohini Tiwari for her support and advice during my corrective surgeries at Ganga Hospital."

Ravinderpal Singh, Jamshedpur - Jun 2013 and Sept 2013

North Indian food that we have received in the hospital was quite good and hygienic, we liked it.

Mrs. Vasu, attendant of Mr. Padmanaban .P - Gudiyatham, TN.(Oct - Dec 2013)

I must say that all the dietary department staff are very patient friendly and cordial to the attenders too - They listen!!! The dietitians list the menu and also tell the the health benefits on request, which is very commendable. The food is always hygienic and I relished the Beetroot Rava Dosa in the canteen.
Dr.Rohini has always been considerate about the palate of the patient keeping the dietary restrictions for each one of them and she does it from the bottom of her heart.

"Keep the good work going. All the best."