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Continuous Improvement Initiative

Our Managers and Dietitians attend conferences and seminars related to Health, nutrition and Dietetics to keep their knowledge updated and current. We organize several talks by guest speakers all year round to enhance our skills and learn about the latest developments in our field.

Continuous Improvement: Some of the talks, workshops and training sessions attended / organized by the department.

a. Trainings / Workshops Attended

  • Two Day workshop on "Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition: An Elixir of Life" at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Coimbatore on 19th - 20th July 2012. (Attended only by Dr. Rohini Sharma).
  • World Head Injury awareness day Workshop at Ganga Hospital (20th March 2013) Attended by dietitians and managers.
  • Nutrition Certificate Course on ICU Nutrition conducted by Fresenius Kabi India Pvt. Ltd. (21st September 2013) Attended by dietitians and managers.
  • Workshop on Accreditation of Hospitals / SHCO organized by PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and NABH was attended by Sathya Suba (Senior Dietitian) and Maya Krishnan (Kitchen Manager). (22nd Sept, 2013).
  • Workshop on Nutritional Care Process (NCP), conducted by Department of Clinical Nutrition, PSG College of Arts And Science. (4th- 5th Nov, 2013) Attended by Mrs.Deepa Sathish.
  • Nutrition in ICU Settings: Symposium organized by Nestle India Pvt. Ltd. (28th December 2013) attended by Dr. Rohini Sharma.
  • Mrs. Nirmala Raja Sabapathi and Dr. Rohini Sharma attended the 5th National Workshop on Communication Skills in Healthcare: Train the Master Trainer; organized by Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) and NABH at Ganga Hospital. (21st - 22nd May 2014).

b. Trainings Conducted / organized

  • Fire Safety by Indian Oil Corporation and Vijay Gas Service for the Cooks and Kitchen Staff. (Feb 2012).
  • Food Hygiene, Recipe making and Effective utilization of Ingredients by Nestle Foods for the Kitchen and catering service personnel.(Aug 2012)
  • A training on Enteral Nutrition - Clinical Challenges by Dr. J. Balavenkata Subramanian, Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist at Ganga Hospital on 2nd March 2013, ) Attended by dietitians and managers.
  • Specialized Nutrition in Hospitals - training for dietitians conducted by Dr. Rohini Sharma (16th July 2013).
  • Recent trends in Critical care - AV presentation by Nestle India Pvt. Ltd. At Ganga Hospital. (28th October 2013) Attended by dietitians and managers.
  • A special talk on Diabetes Management through Nutrition by Dr. E. Kannan, PSG College at the event organized by Dr. Rohini Sharma for World Diabetes Day Celebration at Ganga Hospital. (14th Nov 2013).
  • Training on Food and Drug Interactions conducted by Ms. Jasmine Fathima A, Clinical Pharmacist at Ganga Hospital on 22nd Jan 2014. Attended by dietitians and managers./
  • Training on Role of Nutrition in critically ill patients conducted by Dr. V. Anand from Abbott Nutrition on 28th April 2014 for the department.
  • Training on Nutritional assessment and diet considerations for ICU patients conducted by Dr. Rohini Sharma for ICU nursing staff at Ganga Hospital on 10th Jun 2014.