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Department of Anaesthesia

Dr C Sekar MD

Head, Department of Anaesthesia

Dr J Balavenkatasubramanian MD, DA

Academic Director

Dr G Venkateswaran DA, DNB

Coordinating Head, Anaesthesia,Department of Plastic Surgery

Dr V M Balasubramani, MD, FRCA

Chief, Department of Trauma Intensive Care

Dr Maheshwari S Kumar DA, DNB

Coordinator, Department of Anaesthesia and Ancillary Service Courses

Senior Consultants:

Dr P Gurumoorthi MD
Dr V Boopathi MD


Dr N Vivek Anand MD
Dr V Satheesh Kumar, DA
Dr T Arun prakash, MD
Dr V P Sivasubramani MD
Dr Vipin Kumar Goel, DA
Dr Karthik B Sonowane, DA
Dr B Senthilkumar MD
Dr D Santoshkumar MD

Senior Registrars:

Dr D Preethi MD
Dr Abdul Majeeth, DA

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nerve Block
1 year: affliated to Dr MGR Medical University)

Dr Jesto Kurian MD
Dr V S Yamini MD

Postdoctoral Fellowship
( 1 year : Regional Aanaesthesia & Trauma)

Dr Niveditha Padma Meenakkshi Karuppiaha MD
Dr Serah Paul Kooran MD
Dr Shravya MD

Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship

Dr Anshul V Udaivar MD
Dr Naitik Patel MD
Dr Astha Agarwal MD
Dr Sameer Sudhakar Vyvahare MD
Dr Rucha Gilda DA
Dr Anamika Yadav MD
Dr Reshmy Jayaram MD

Inrernational Fellows (WFSA Felloship)

Dr Kojjo Charles, Uganda
Dr Wilson NG Ang A Kuria, Kenya

Trauma Anaessthesia and ICU Fellowship

Dr Pokhale Shweta Nandkumar MD
Dr Chakor Priyanka Achyut MD
Dr Mane Shubangi Shivaji MD
Dr S Nandha kumar DNB

DNB Anaesthesia: Secondary

Dr M N Roopa DA
Dr Bhasale Pankaj Pravin DA Dr PV Sheela DA
Dr CN Jayanthi DA

DNB Anaesthesia: Primary

Dr R Santosh
Dr John Nagendra Prasad
Dr Desai Vikram Simha Reddy
Dr Maithriye alias K Kavishree
Dr Manshad Showkath
Dr Geetha Priyadarshini
Dr A Muralikrishna Srivatsav

Anaesthesia Team

Dr. C Sekar MD
Dr. C. Sekar MD

Dr. C. Sekar MD is the head of the department of anaesthesia. He joined the institution as a Consultant in 1995. His special interests are in anaesthesia for spine surgery and Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. He has been an invited faculty for the Oman Medical University Conference for the past two years. He materialized the training initiative at our hospital for the anaesthesia Students from Oman in collaboration with The Oman Medical Specialty Board. He is the President of City Branch of ISA, Coimbatore Chapter in 2011-12.

Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian MD
Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian MD
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Dr. J. Balavenkatasubramanian MD joined the institution as a Consultant in 1995. He currently serves as the Founder President of Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India, Member Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Anaesthesia and Academic Council member of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists. He is the National Executive Committee Member of International Trauma Care, Indian Chapter and Scientific Committee member for the South Asian Confederation of Anaesthesiologists conference 2011.

Dr. G. Venkateswaran
Dr. G. Venkateswaran DA, DNB

Dr. G. Venkateswaran, DA, DNB is the Chief Anesthesiologist for Plastic Surgery Division. He joined the Institution as a Registrar in May 2002. He became a Consultant Anesthesiologist in the year 2008. He leads the first line team which resuscitates polytrauma patients. His areas of interest are Regional Anaesthesia and Anaesthetic Management of major reconstructive procedures which are demanding in terms of duration of surgery and often limited access. He has been a part of Organizing Committee of the Academy of Regional Anaesthesia National Conference in the year 2012. He is at present an instructor for CTLS (Comprehensive trauma and life support) course.

Dr V Boopathi
Dr. V. Boopathi MD, DA

Dr. V. Boopathi is a consultant Anaesthesiologist in the Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery. He graduated from IRT Medical College, Perundurai and later went on to do his Post Graduation in Anaesthesiology in Government Medical College, Calicut. He has been part of the Department of Anaesthesiology since 2006. He is part of the first line Trauma Resuscitation team in the hospital. Along with Regional Anaesthesia, he has special interests in Trauma Resuscitation, Paediatric Anaesthesia and Advanced Airway Management.

Dr Arun Prakash
Dr. Arun Prakash MD
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Dr Siva Subramani V P
Dr. V. P. Siva Subramani MBBS, MD
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Dr. V.P. Siva Subramani MD has been a part of Department of Anesthesiology since August 2013. He did his under graduation from IRT Perundurai Medical College and post graduation in Anesthesiology from PGIMER, Chandigarh. After finishing his post graduation, he joined as a Registrar in department of Anesthesia under plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has done the instruction course in Biostatistics and Research Methodology. He is a part of first line Trauma Resuscitation Team in the hospital. He has interest in regional anesthesia, trauma resuscitation, intensive care management and teaching DNB students.

Dr. Maheswari S

Dr. Gurumurthy P

Dr. Vivek Anand N

Dr. Satheesh Kumar V

Dr. Vipin Kumar Goel

Dr. Karthik B Sonawane